Our Video Marketing Process


It all starts now! Everything is now possible as we pool our creative energies to find the ideal direction for your project.


It's time to bring clarity to our vision now that we've grasped the notion. Your message will be perfectly crafted by our wordsmiths.


This is how your video will be built. Every scene has been thoughtfully prepared to tell your tale while also looking fantastic.


We're excited to start filming, but we need to get the pieces in place first. To ensure success, we prepare all talent and geographical requirements.


That's it! Now that all of the components are in place, it's time to capture the photographs that will fascinate your audience.

Initial Preview

Grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and relax as we reveal the rewards of all of your hard work thus far.


It's time to spread your message to the rest of the globe! Upon completion, our team will double-check that you have all you need for any medium.



Every company has a unique storey to tell. We think that every company, organisation, and brand has a compelling and creative storey waiting to be told. We have a team of video professionals ready to help you harness the power of video. We can help you elevate your brand in any industry. On-location shooting, animated videos, aerial drone footage, cinematography, and even music videos are all possibilities.

We at Creative Edge recognise that no two industries are alike, which is why we provide customised video solutions to each of our clients. We're the agency you need in your corner if you want to stand out from the crowd, improve your marketing campaigns, or focus on strategic growth.

Our success is dependent on your success.

We'll keep you informed about how your marketing strategy is planned and implemented at all times. We all benefit when your company grows.

What’s Included In Our Video Marketing Services

Event Coverage

Make the most of live events by documenting the important moments that your audience wants to see. Physical interaction with participants is fantastic at trade exhibitions, private events, and industry conferences, but the commercial potential don't stop there: Repurpose live-event footage for social media and follow-ups after the event.

Explainer Videos

With digestible, step-by-step explainer videos, you can promote your brand, describe your product, and educate your prospects. Explainers can be animated, live-action, 2D, 3D, or hybrid formats, and they can assist nurture leads and complete transactions more quickly than other types of content.

Video Testimonials

We optimise and continuously monitor all of your important SEO and website metrics from multiple angles, employing multiple data sources to put together a comprehensive view of your brand's SEO health, while highlighting ongoing changes and opportunities, using a combination of on-site and off-site strategies.


Consultant Program Complete


Social Media Happy




Web Site

Success Stories + Client Testimonials

“I find it impressive that they have figured out some real keys to success when it comes to client-facing interaction. ”

Karthick A

“Their team showed intelligence, technical skills, and an awareness of the budget. ”


“Their down-to-earth nature and collaborative approach are the main things I’ve appreciated.”

Ramaiah S

“They are definitely worth the cost and have measurably improved our company sales. ”


Nothing is fixed by social media, it only amplifies what is already there.
Put an end to the selling. Begin to assist.
Make up stories.
Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms aren't the only ones to consider. Social is a form of communication.

Digital Marketing Services F.A.Q

  • Most companies will need website design and a customized tracking and analytics integration Then, Social media Marketing , SEO, PPC, and Local Services advertising are strategically layered into their marketing mix as “core services.” Beyond that, which services are best for your business depends on a few things, including your budget, your goals, your product/service, and your target audience, among other factors.

  • About 70% of consumers in the India. search the internet to find and buy a prouct or service. If you want to connect with them and increase leads and sales, you have to meet them where they spend their time—online.

  • So, is social media marketing a viable option? Yes, it is correct. Businesses may efficiently reach out to a wider audience and gain brand awareness — and ideally, some new consumers — by combining growing their brand on social media with other marketing methods.

  • Increase brand awareness.
    Drive traffic to your website.
    Generate new leads.
    Grow revenue (by increasing signups or sales)
    Boost brand engagement.
    Build a community around your business.
    Provide social customer service...etc

  • The process of generating interest in a company's brand, products, or services through inbound and outbound marketing tactics such as web advertising ,social media marketing and  email marketing is known as lead generation. Lead generation is a essential process for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) organisations.

  • Depending on the package you choose, marketing services can run anywhere from $3,500 per month up to $10,000 per month. At bg digitz, every product or services digital marketing package is customized to fit our clients’ sales goals, marketing needs, and wants.

  • Every step of the way, you'll be assisted by a professional project manager and a customer support person who will answer all of your questions. Although we prefer to communicate via email, we always urge clients to call us if they have any questions or concerns.

  • WordPress is the most popular website CMS system, powering 32.3 percent of all websites on the internet. It is also one of the easiest to use and is very search engine friendly.